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Nibler.ru >> Это интересно >> США | Сороковые (Часть 2)

США | Сороковые (Часть 2)

Продолжим первую часть. Оставшиеся 50 фото.
1. 1942 | B-25 bomber assembly hall, North American Aviation, Kansas City | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki2. 1942 | Engine inspector for North American Aviation at Long Beach, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki3. 1942 | Riveter at Douglas Aircraft Corporation plant in Long Beach, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki4. 1942 | Furnace man at phosphate smelter, TVA chemical plant near Muscle Shoals, Alabama | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki5. 1942 | B-25 bomber final assembly line at North American Aviation works, Inglewood, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki6. 1942 | A painter cleans the tail section of a P-51 Mustang fighter prior to spraying with olive-drab camouflage. North American Aviation plant, Inglewood, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki7. 1942 | Final assembly for a B-25 bomber at North American Aviation, Inglewood, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki8. 1942 | Truck driver at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Douglas Dam | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki9. 1942 | Big Pete" Ramagos, a rigger at work on the TVA's Douglas Dam in Tennessee | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki10. 1943 | Touching up the U.S. Army Air Forces insignia on a "Vengeance" dive bomber manufactured at Consolidated-Vultee's Nashville division | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki11. 1940 | Servicing an A-20 bomber at Langley Field, Virginia | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki12. 1942 | Assembling switchboxes on the firewalls of B-25 bombers at North American Aviation's Inglewood, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki13. 1942 | Workers installing fixtures and assemblies in the tail section of a B-17F bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki14. 1942 | American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach, California, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki15. 1942 | An M-4 tank crew training at Fort Knox, Kentucky | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki16. 1942 | Students at Washington High School in Los Angeles training for specific contributions to the war effort | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki17. 1942 | Metal parts are placed on masonite by this employee before they slide under the multi-ton hydropress at North American Aviation in Inglewood, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki18. 1943 | Working on the horizontal stabilizer of a "Vengeance" dive bomber at the Consolidated-Vultee plant in Nashville | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki19. 1942 | Fort Knox, Kentucky. A good job in the air cleaner of an Army truck. This Negro soldier, who serves as truck driver and mechanic, plays an important part in keeping Army transport fleets in operation | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki20. 1942 | Long Beach, California. Girl riveting machine operator at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant joins sections of wing ribs to reinforce the inner wing assemblies of B-17F heavy bombers | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki21. 1941 | Goodyear Aircraft, Akron, Ohio. Formerly an aircraft dock, this huge building, thought to be the largest in the world with no interior supports | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki22. 1942 | Langley Field, Virginia. YB-17 bombardment squadron | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki23. 1942 | Douglas Aircraft Co. at Long Beach, California. Carefully trained women inspectors check cargo transport innerwings before they are assembled on the fuselage | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki24. 1942 | Fort Knox, Kentucky. Infantryman with halftrack. A young soldier sights his Garand rifle like an old-timer. He likes the piece for its fine firing qualities and its rugged, dependable mechanism | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki25. 1942 | Crane operator at Tennessee Valley Authority's Douglas Dam | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki26. 1942 | Kansas City, Kansas. B-25 bomber plane at North American Aviation being hauled along an outdoor assembly line | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki27. 1942 | Fairfax bomber plant, Kansas City | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki28. 1942 | P-51 "Mustang" fighter planes being prepared for test flight near the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki29. 1942 | Parris Island, South Carolina. Marine lieutenant glider pilot in training at Page Field | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki30. 1942 | A new B-25 bomber is brought for a test hop to the flight line at the Kansas City, Kansas, plant of North American Aviation | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki31. 1942 | With a woman's determination, Lorena Craig takes over a man-size job in Corpus Christi, Texas. Before she came to work at the Naval Air Base she was a department store girl. Now she is a cowler under civil service | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki32. 1942 | Mating operation on a C-87 transport plane just before it comes to the pre- assembly line at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant, Fort Worth, Texas | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki33. 1942 | Mrs. Eloise J. Ellis has been appointed by civil service to be senior supervisor in the Assembly and Repairs Department at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki34. 1942 | Lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft plant in Fort Worth, Texas | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki35. 1943 | Lucille Mazurek, age 29, ex-housewife, husband going into the service. Working at the Heil and Co. factory in Milwaukee on blackout lamps to be used on Air Force gasoline trailers | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki36. 1942 | Feeding an SNC advanced training plane its essential supply of gasoline is done by sailor mechanics at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki37. 1942 | Naval Air Base at Corpus Christi, Texas. Jesse Rhodes Waller, aviation ordnance mate third class, tries out a 30-caliber machine gun he has just installed in a Navy plane | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki38. 1942 | Installing an engine at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant. Fort Worth, Texas | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki39. 1942 | Rita Rodriguez. Production of B-24 bombers and C-87 transports at Consolidated Aircraft, Fort Worth, Texas | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki40. 1942 | Corpus Christi, Texas. Women from all fields have joined the production army | Howard Hollemchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki41. 1942 | Thousands of North American Aviation employees at Inglewood, California, look skyward as the bomber and fighter planes they helped build perform overhead during a lunch period air show | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki42. 1942 | M-3 tank crews at Fort Knox, Kentucky | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki43. 1942 | M-3 tanks in action. Fort Knox, Kentucky | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki44. 1942 | Light tank going through water obstacle. Fort Knox, Kentucky | Alfred Palmerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki45. 1943 | Taos County, New Mexico. The J.D. Leon general store in Cerro | John Collierchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki46. 1943 | Store and plaza in the village of Trampas, Taos County, New Mexico | John Collierchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki47. 1942 | Fruit Store and Capital Hotel at 10th and P, Lincoln, Nebraska | John Vachonchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki48. 1942 | Columbia Steel Co. at Geneva, Utah | Andreas Feiningerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki49. 1942 | Columbia Steel at Geneva, Utah. Servicing one of the floodlights that turn night into day on the construction site of a new steel plant needed for the war effort | Andreas Feiningerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki50. 1942 | American Smelting and Refining. Garfield, Utah | Andreas Feiningerchast-sorokovye-eto-interesno-poznavatelno-kartinki

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